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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I had just moved into this house. At 5.30 am I could see police lights swirling around through my windows. I wondered what sort of neighbourhood I had moved into. There was a knock. My neighbour. Two young lads about 16 had swerved off the road and into the tree at the top of my garden. One was sitting next to the rear wheel. The other was talking to 3 policemen. They were soooooo drunk. The guy sitting couldn't actually stand and he had been driving. I had slept through most of it! They had swerved, hit the tree, reversed, then tried to take off and the exhaust pipe had caught in the concrete and they couldn't go forward. The neighbour had rung the police. I was told not to interfere by the police (but it's my tree and my garden and these boys are drunk!) . The really drunk one was taken away and the other was left to get home?! I brought him inside and we waited and waited and waited till his Dad turned up. My husband had not moved the entire time! Totally beneath his dignity. The young lad came back the next day to ask if he could fix my garden. It had been sprayed by the tires to the other side!! All my new plants. But the boys were not hurt. 6 months later I had to have the tree taken down because it was dying and couldn't be saved. Some wake up call!

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