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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cedar/Live Oak

These pictures are from St. Francisville LA of a big cedar grown completely around a small live-oak, so only a few of the lesser's branches poke out.  The tortoise is catching up to the hare though. The cedar wood is cracking and splitting quite a lot- with patches of oak bark showing through.  It makes for a very strange tree.
Chris and Marine.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Elf Tree

Minneapolis has hundreds, perhaps thousands of trees. Beside Lake Harriet,though, there is a very special tree, a tree where three special creatures live...three ELVES. This tree has a beautiful, small door, like the door of an old castle, where children and adults of all ages, after opening the door, leave their letters to the elves inside, hoping for a reply.

Believe it or not, each letter gets a reply that people can come back and pickup later! What is most beautiful about this tree in particular is that, everyday, children walking around the lake with their parents stop by to drop off their letters to an elf, or to retrieve a reply. Another beautiful thing is that people of all ages come on occasion to help improve the area around the tree to make it more pleasant. This tree is a good example of how the simplest things are definitely the most beautiful things in life.

So, in a little story about trees and children, we are forced to believe, to believe strongly, that it is possible to change many things for the better. We may, then, also believe in a better tomorrow, with more trees...and more happy children.